The j2 Skill Set

With more than 20 years of experience, leadership experience in executive positions with North America’s best design companies, j2 can make an impactful difference in your retail space.

Use our services to make a difference at the retail level with proven results

With an eye for detail, discerning taste, and a designer’s visual sense of style, the staff at j2 Merchandising offers personalized services based on your individual needs. How do we do that? We operate as if we are extensions of your brand, exploring new ways to present products in flattering and inviting ways. Naturally resourceful, we can seek out retail issues, strategize solutions and work to continue success based on consumer and data, staff feedback and top-line and bottom-line results.

Let j2 Merchandising build a branding experience from the window display, to in-store maintenance (re-folding, res-stocking, re-ticketing), to marketing set-ups, seasonal organizational changes, new product releases, to stock-room sweeps.

Make j2 Merchandising a team member. We can train retail teams with branding initiatives, analyze consumer data and feedback and set up planogram resets.

Is this happening in your retail space?

Frustrated and confused consumers? Price and sale mix-ups? Lost merchandise? Mismanaged displays? Varying ways of product presentation, folding and ticketing? Unenthused staff? Inexplicable inventory results?

You’re not alone. In fact a recent study by industry trade publication Retail Info Systems News found that only 3.7 per cent of retailers have accurate planograms in place. That affects the store at every level. But a third-party merchandiser, especially with j2 Merchandising, can solve these issues, by training staff, creating consistent and informative marketing displays, reliable merchandising systems, and accountable audit and problem solving services.

With j2 Merchandising the level of service goes even higher than it would with a standard merchandising firm. With the skill set to create gorgeous window displays, inviting arrangements and progressive staff education programs.

Take advantage of our motivated, energetic and dependable team to expand your brand visually.

Visual merchandising is the art of implementing effective design ideas to increase store traffic and sales volume. ~Shari Waters