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We have the strategies, resources and expertise to achieve your brand’s vision
and to captivate your consumer.

Work with us and see how we can better merchandise your products.

j2 Merchandising provides you with a single-point of contact to drive your sales efforts across North America. We have built a foundation to successfully implement and execute visual merchandising direction, helping to support retailers. We employ the most talented retail and merchandising experts in North America, who are led by experienced retail executives that understand brand, execution and profitability.
Skilled Merchandisers across North America
How we can help you:

Our experience

j2 Merchandising is an experienced and versatile team that can take on a variety of assignments and projects. When you work with us, you will see how we have developed strong, loyal relationships with clients and how we deliver quality results.

j2 quality

  • j2 Merchandising differentiates itself from competitors by offering personalized services by the key principals at all account locations.
  • j2 Merchandising operates as if we are your brand employees.
  • j2 Merchandising is a team of successful, influential and resourceful merchandisers.

Our Services

  • Personal Shopper
  • DBS (Designated Brand Specialist)
  • PK Ambassador
  • Setting/Resetting Shelving Displays
  • Price and Tag Products
  • Place Reorders when Necessary
  • Provide Training to Salespeople
  • Creative Flair
  • Conduct Inventory of the Stock
  • Ordering Goods
  • Content Management Systems
  • Frontend Development
  • Negotiating Prices with Suppliers
  • Producing Sales Projections
  • Analysing Sales Information

The j2 difference

Experience the j2 customer service with visual merchandising visits (restock and merchandise), training initiatives with retail teams, implementation of new or seasonal brand or product introductions, feedback data from consumers and store staff, and planogram resets for mid-season changes and new production releases.

We support your needs with key processes, such as: re-folding, re-stocking, re-ticketing, marketing set-up, and stockroom sweeps.

See your ROI benefits with us. We ensure all stock and size runs are represented on the selling floor in a timely execution. You will get photo evidence of before and after our services, and response immediately to feedback and issues.